FNF Foundations Sales

Sales Executive Training To Learn SPS Basics – How to Open An Order and Receipt In EM

  • $100
  • What is a sales exec (so they know what I am teaching escrow)
  • Ways from marketing from behind your desk (so they know what I am teaching escrow)
  • Basics of SPS, how to open an order, and how to receipt in EM
  • EPU
  • What is a title report and what do we do with it
  • What is needed on a PSA
  • SmartView, SmartDocs, SmartMarkup
  • StartSafe

This course is offered monthly for brand new sales employees. The course is 2 hours a day over 1 day. Your new employee will learn about the benefits of joining the FNF family, Company precepts, history, Stock program, 401K, company discounts, HR Contacts. Your employee will learn about title and escrow, how to open an order, proper dress attire and how to integrate with their escrow teams.