The FNF Academy has been created to provide technical training to Escrow Team Members and Escrow Assistants. It offers additional educational opportunities in a live, interactive environment specific to your market area. You’ll learn things such as Escrow Basics and Resale 101 to Draws/Work-Ups, Entities, Exchanges, FIRPTA and more. Candidates should be currently working in an escrow branch and have basic SPS navigation skills, including opening an order, ordering payoffs, and title clearing. The program will run for 20 non-consecutive weeks (plus 2 weeks for Final Review and Final), with no classes at month-end or during holiday weeks. Each week, we will focus on one subject with multiple class offerings to choose from. Each class will use the Zoom platform. Students will login to the website (will be provided) to attend classes. Each class is approximately one hour in length and will involve an interactive conversation and lecture, followed by a homework assignment or quiz. Most assignments are due within 3 business days, not including the day the class is held.

FNF Academy

  • $500/mo. 6 months
  • Review of FNF, Intranet, Discounts, Stock, 401k
  • What is title and escrow
  • Customer service, email etiquette, communication, and dress attire
  • How to handle stressful situations
  • What is a sales exec
  • Ways from marketing from behind your desk
  • New hire training and employee growth training
  • Basics of SPS, how to open an order, and how to receipt in EM
  • EPU
  • What is a title report and what do we do with it
  • What is needed on a PSA
  • SmartView, SmartDocs, SmartMarkup
  • StartSafe
  • Audits and Field Compliance