“Shelly is amazing, she helped get me out of my comfort zone and changed my thought process on marketing behind the desk. I received great ideas to grow my desk/business. Thank you Shelly!”

“Shelly can attest to the fact that when I first started Coaching that I was complete wreck. Overwhelmed, stressed and suffering SEVERE anxiety. She patiently works with me through each step and things eventually are much easier. I love working with her and appreciate all that she is doing.”

“I cannot say enough good things about Shelly! She is the sweetest person I have met in a very long time. She takes the time to answer questions and explain things. She is so patient and I love her kind words. I am so lucky to have her as my coach.”

“I have loved the Elite Club coaching program with Sam! She is a super star! She coaches with care and honesty. You know she is in your corner and wants you to succeed!”

“Continuing in the Elite Club has helped my business soar! I went from having a sufficient desk to being one of the top performers in my operation in a matter of months.”

“The Elite Club provided me the opportunity to continue my journey. I have learned new tips and tricks from my peers and graduate Rock Stars. My life and business are forever changed.”

“She was able to introduce new ideas and marketing strategies, and I am pleased to say that all Escrow Officers are exceeding the goals they have set.”
“I am transformed because of Sam’s coaching program! My continued implementation of her ideas and homework brought to light how much I underestimated my time and focus.”
“I am extremely grateful to have been part of this coaching experience. Sam has been wonderful. She helped me step out of my comfort zone and build my confidence.”

Elite Club-For Graduates of Elite Escrow Coaching
Together, Everyone Achieves More!

  • $129/mo.

  • All graduates of Elite Escrow Coaching will  participate in Elite Club for 12 months following graduation.
  • As a member of Elite Club you will continue to have access to Coach Accountable where we can help manage your accountability.
  • You will granted access to our Elite Club Page where you will receive monthly videos from our coaches, motivating articles, escrow
    and sales marketing challenges, customer marketing campaign suggestions/ideas, book selections, scripts and more.
  • You will be invited to a monthly call exclusive to Elite Club where you will find out about the latest and greatest in coaching and important changes within the company. We will share new best practices with you each month.
  • You will be inspired and educated by a Super Star Team, Graduate, Manager, Influencer, Lender, Realtor. You will have the opportunity to submit questions/successes/challenges to be shared with your team and we will Coach and Role Play in real time!
  • Elite Club gives our graduates the opportunity to continue to learn, grow and maintain accountability.
Elite Club-Following Elite Escrow Coaching $500 for 3 months. ($167/mo)

  • Monthly Group Call with Peers in program.
  • Super Star Graduates share best practices
  • Successes/Challenges
    · Weekly Challenges
    · Continued goals will be set for your EO and progress and performance monitored.
    · Monitoring of daily, weekly and monthly success tracker
    · Access to Elite Club VIP Login for EliteEscrowCoaching.com
  • Monthly videos from Samia Reichel, Lisa Crown and Stevie D.
  • ITS Video solutions
  • Campaign cards of the month
  • Moneywork monthly contest

Bonus! Custom Content E-Desk email to client data base every 2 weeks for an additional $29/month!